Buying a camera is not enough; you need to buy additional accessories to keep your camera intact. One such crucial accessory is the best DSLR camera straps; regardless of your style preference or requirement, we have got you covered. I spent weeks researching to come up with a list of the 12 best camera strap for DSLR’.

Whether you are looking for a solidly built sturdy strap or a sleek and chic neck strap, we have included all in this list of best camera straps for DSLR. If neck-straps aren’t your forte, we have also rounded up some best hand straps for DSLR cameras as well. So without any further delay, let’s help you pick the best DSLR camera strap that will fulfil your requirements.

The Best DSLR Camera Straps

1. Black Rapid Classic Best Strap for DSLR

If you are anything like me, you will understand how annoying it feels to be weighed down while carrying a heavy object on your shoulders. Black Rapid was the first one to introduce a sling-style strap that evenly distributes the weight for maximum comfort. Professional photographers understand how crucial it is to have their hands-free while getting that perfect shot.

Black Rapid curve breathe is crafted using high-performance materials, with its trademark design followed by some upgradation for enhanced experience and comfort. Air mesh breathable material provided extra cushioning. We loved the design and that is why included it in our list of best DSLR camera straps.

It is 167cm long and weighs only 182g. The package includes a CR-3 sliding carabiner, FR-5 case screw, lockstar protection, brad strap followed by a storage case. Besides, it is compatible with mirrorless cameras and other hybrid cameras, which aren’t too heavy and definitely can be included in our list of best camera straps for DSLR.

best dslr camera straps

2. Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap for DSLR

Peak Design is a popular name among camera owners for its innovative design and durability. They have excelled in other accessory designs as well and definitely deserves a mention in our list of best DSLR camera straps. 

The slide by peak designs remains one of the most popular camera strap for DSLR mirrorless camera because it features a unique — and proprietary — method of snap-on anchor points, which can withstand upto 90kgs of weight.

The internally padded straps provide comfort for prolonged hours without straining your neck and shoulders. It includes two durable aluminium quick-pull adjusters that enable you to adjust the straps in varied ranges of your choice and comfort. Besides, this best DSLR camera strap is protected by a lifetime warranty.

best dslr camera straps

3. OP/TECH Best DSLR Wrist Strap

OP/TECH is one the most popular and budget-friendly best wrist strap for DSLR. It definitely deserves a spot on the list of best DSLR camera straps. OP/Tech wrist strap is crafted from durable and comfortable non-slip neoprene material, which adjusts around the wrist with a security slide to keep it firmly in place and can bear upto 10lbs of weight.

This best DSLR wrist strap attaches itself to the strap connection points on the camera body, where it is designed to carry the weight, so you won’t have to worry about your camera getting pulled. Other materials like leathers look stylish, but if you are more into comfort, then neoprene is what you might dslr camera straps

4. TARION Best Vintage Camera Strap for DSLR

Next on the line for cost-effective best camera straps for DSLR is Tarion, which has everybody’s attention considering its efficiency and quality given for the minimal cost of $8. A domain in which top brands excel, Tarion is making a mark for itself by offering budget camera accessories. Also, the design is to drool over and one major reason to include it in our list of best DSLR camera straps.

Tarion is crafted from high quality and durable cotton yarn and PU leather with an Anti-slip surface that prevents the risk of accidental slip offs. Ergonomic design allows you to adjust the straps on both sides. Sturdy and comfortable material alleviates the stress on the neck and shoulders while carrying your camera.

The Tarion Vintage Camera Strap fastens to your camera using the metal loops at the top. Overall this best DSLR camera strap looks stylish and trendy with its detailed aesthetics and can be worn by both male and female photographers. What do you think of the vintage design this product offers? Do you think this one deserved to be in our list of best camera straps for DSLR.

best dslr camera straps

5. Altura Quick Release Best Camera Strap for DSLR

The universal camera strap by Altura is probably one of the best DSLR camera straps. Its lightweight and cushioned Neoprene pad evenly distributes the weight combined with front pockets for strong minimal camera accessories, which makes this shoulder strap for travellers.

A durable reinforced solid metal plate securely fastens your camera onto the strap. The plate also features a protective anti-skid rubber bottom layer to prevent accidental slides and slippage.

Quick-release feature prompts fast installation and camera removal without requiring to remove the metal plate. However, on the contrary, this best DSLR camera strap is not suitable for heavy camera kits. But if you are looking for decent quality budget-friendly straps, then this is the one and included in our list of best camera straps for DSLR.

best dslr camera straps

6. Custom SLR Glide Best DSLR Camera Strap

Custom SLR guide has always been popular among photographers owing to its comfort and because of quick-release buckles. Split strap technology distributed the weight evenly and covers a wide area to disperse the impact caused by camera weight. The padded neoprene section of the strap also helps to absorb camera bounce while you walk, and the smooth edges prevent any discomfort and friction.

Every camera needs a mount while other brands require you to buy one; with SLR, you get a custom-built C-Loop, swivelling quick-release buckles rotate for maximum flexibility and detach for increased mobility. All these features make SLR glide one of the best DSLR camera straps.

best dslr camera straps

7. Black Rapid RS-4 Retro Sling-style Best Camera Strap for DSLR 

Another product from Black Rapid in our list of best camera straps makes the place. After testing numerous camera straps for DSLR I finally got my hands on Black Rapid RS-4 retro after reading many compelling reviews about it. Besides, I tested my hands on other black rapid straps, which I have also included in this list of best DSLR camera straps.

RS-4 RERO is the most popular among other Black Rapid straps considering its multiple features that enable you to customize it according to your needs. You can adjust the straps to your desired length. It doesn’t matter if you right or left dominant; you can conveniently carry it on both shoulders without requiring any special adjustments.

Sling functionality has a pair of a spring-loaded clip that slides up and down to limit the camera movement along the strap. The rear clip keeps the camera intact where it needs to be within your reach, resting on your side hip. Due to lack of padding, this best DSLR camera strap doesn’t comprehend that ergonomic design. Integrated sturdy and quick release carabiners let you hook the straps to the camera mount; once it’s done, tighten the screw to prevent the carabiner from opening accidentally. The front zipper always comes in handy to store mini accessories while you are on the go.

best dslr camera straps

8. Peak Design Clutch CL-2 Best DSLR Hand Camera Strap

A hand strap is much more convenient and comfortable; personally, I will any day choose hand strap over shoulder straps. I find them more useful and accessible, besides it makes me feel more in control of my camera. I don’t like too much bulk and accessories on me, so a hand strap is what does the job for me and that is why included this one in our list of best DSLR camera straps.

Hypalon exterior, microfiber pad and aluminium adjuster hardware is ultra-durable and inspired by high-end climbing gear. The clutch includes a quick release anchor just like its contemporaries that lets you attach the camera to a mount. Simple, sleek and travel-friendly design combined with thoughtful aesthetics.

Clutch gives you easy access to your camera’s controls but cinches down when you need additional security. This best DSLR hand strap is designed to work with any camera of your choice with an approximate weight of upto 200lbs. We have few more lined up in this list of best camera straps for DSLR so stay tuned if you are already with us till now.

best dslr camera straps

9. ONA The Presidio Truffle Leather DSLR Camera Strap

If you are a classic fan, this best leather DSLR camera strap by ONA will gratify you. Handcrafted with premium canvas and Italian leather, followed by a neoprene padded neckline and chrome buckles, this best leather DSLR strap stands firm in the court of quality.

The integrated chromes hooks enable you to adjust the straps to your desired length, and the flexible design doesn’t require you to remove the strap while packing your bag. ONA can withhold a camera weighing upto 6lbs; both professional and amateur photographers can sport it. Leather is always our first choice for a strap and that is why included it in our list of best DSLR camera straps.

best dslr camera straps

10. Altura Heavy duty Best DSLR Wrist Strap

This best wrist strap for DSLR by Altura includes 2 alternate connection heads, 1 heavy-duty connection for mirrorless cameras and DSLR, followed by a thin and strong connection for action cameras. This is one of the best DSLR camera straps which is crafted from high quality and durable neoprene to hold atleast 3-10lbs of weight for that extra peace of mind.

Adjustable fit for all wrist sizes with a stopper to cinch the strap in place, its versatile, quick release system enables you to switch between camera connectors in no time. Super Sleek and comfortable design that doesn’t stress your wrist while exploring your creative side.

It is one of the strongest best DSLR camera straps out there and is compatible with wide ranges of cameras, excluding the ones with an eyelet opening smaller than 5mm. The design, usability and budget makes it one of the best camera straps for DSLR.

best dslr camera straps

11. JJC Store Quick Release Best Camera Strap for DSLR

JJC Store best camera strap for DSLR is designed to work with most cameras featuring a 1/4 “-20 tripod socket. Elaborated straps can be adjusted to any hand size. Padded hand cushion offers comfort, support and relieves hand fatigue while prolonged shooting hours. This is another great addition in our list of best DSLR camera straps which is handy and not too much expensive.

The double snap fasteners provide extra security to prevent accidental sling off of the camera from your hands. An integrated metal base plate with an eyelet lets you connect a quick-release strap to the camera mount; you can also attach a shoulder strap via a carabiner hook. We loved it and this can easily be regarded as one of the best DSLR wrist straps.

best dslr camera straps

12. Altura Rapid-Fire Secure Best DSLR Wrist Strap

Last but not least, we have Raid fire secure grip by Altura. This best DSLR wrist strap by Altura is designed to work with any DSLR Camera with a standard ¼” tripod screw. Padded handgrips can be adjusted to compliment the size of your hand. Besides, it prevents the risk of accidental slips that might damage your camera. Soft ventilated microfiber ensures that your hands remain cool and comfortable without causing any abrasion.

The strap exterior is designed using soft PU leather, which looks stylish and feels comfortable while wearing. A secure integrated metal allows you to attach the camera to both ends. Well, everything looks perfect with this product and definitely one of the best contender in our list of best DSLR camera straps.

best dslr camera straps

I hope the following article will assist you in choosing the best DSLR camera straps. I recommend users not limit themselves to a particular design and brand; instead, I encourage them to experiment by choosing 2-3 best camera straps for DSLR in this list.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go on a camera strap buying spree, you should research, analyze, and make an informed decision that you won’t regret. Rest we are here to provide you with the required information to help you get the best DSLR camera straps. Also, if you are already using one, do let us know and we will include in this article featuring best DSLR camera straps with your name.


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